June 3, 2007

Productivity Zapper: E-mail Overload

Are you or your employees in the habit of constantly checking your e-mail?It's become the all-American pastime for many of us. But it's more harmful to our productivity than you might think.

Download this excellent article and talk about it to your staff. I have instituted the solution the author suggests in my office and have noticed a significant gain in our productivity and ability to focus.


The Low-Information Diet: How to Eliminate E-Mail Overload and Improve Productivity By Tim Ferriss

It's Monday morning and your To-Do list for the day is lengthy. You turn on your computer, log into your inbox, and spend the next six hours starting, stopping and backtracking, your To-Do list untouched. Tim Ferriss offers immediate solutions to improve your productivity and quiet the constant information interference.


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