October 2, 2007

Accessory and Lens Display

At GW Eye Associates in Carlsbad, CA this passage from clinic area to dispensary provides a convenient and quick stop for lens brochures, samples, products and accessories. Although my general rule for frame display is to have a white background, we can break the rule in secondary display areas like this.

The shallow adjustable glass shelves hold mostly items with a lot of color and mass, like the literature holders, lens cleaner bottles and such. Here a dark background makes those colors pop. Showing only a few frames on this rich purple background works fine here.

However if this display was showing only frames, the dark background would make many of them almost disappear. If you have a situation like this where your frames are displayed, there’s a fast and easy cure. Just paint the back wall of the display white or install a fabric-covered panel on it. Now you’ll be able to see all the frames in that display, even rimless and delicate metals.

One other design feature to notice is the “radiused” (rounded) corners around the open doorways. In this case the walls are entirely wrapped with wall covering, but a painted finish would look good too. This detail adds a lot to the overall atmosphere of the office design. It’s softer and more contemporary.

Little touches like this can make your office feel special and inviting. Patients may never comment on the rounded corners. All they know is that they love being in your office.

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