November 5, 2007

Common Design Mistakes: Poor Sightlines

The line of vision between a person and an object is called a sightline. In optical design controlling the sightlines of what patients will see as they travel from one room to the next is a nuance that is left out of many office designs. When done correctly patients don’t realize that their sightlines have been carefully planned and limited. What they perceive is a very neat, clean and professional office.

A good optical designer knows where the messy places are likely to be: lab, contact lens storage, business office, private office, staff lounge. In addition patients in the main waiting area should not be able to watch doctors and staff scurrying about in the clinic area. You need to anticipate which rooms and areas should be completely hidden or partially obscured, then position walls and doors to allow little or no view for the patient.
Concealing unsightly areas must be thought-out and designed into the floor plan right from the start. If you don’t like what patients can see after the office is built, it’s too late to fix it.

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