May 6, 2008

Solstice Sunglasses NYC

On a recent New York visit I carved out some time to see one of the newest upscale shopping centers at Columbus Circle (59th St.)

The Columbus Circle Center is not as large as those you find in Los Angeles, but it boasts two optical shops. Solstice is strictly sunglasses with mid-range priced styles displayed on the wall and higher-priced styles in locked table top showcases. Brand names are displayed neatly above each row of frames. I was impressed that the check out counter was kept relatively free of clutter.

The back-lit photos are dramatic and eye-catching. Even when the store is full of shoppers you can see these photos from a distance because they are above head-height. The all-glass storefront is a luxury that most optometric offices don't have, but the take-away lesson from this photo is that simple wall displays can be very effective. This designer wisely spent the construction budget on good lighting, graphics and elegant showcases.

Vertical frosted glass panels with a single small shelf on each panel make an eye-catching window display at Solstice. Only one brand name designer is featured at a time with a matching graphic above. This is a good example of how an utterly simple concept makes for great merchandising.

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