February 4, 2008

New book coming soon! Subscriber only discount!

My new book, Optometric Office Design Process and Pitfalls, will save you thousands of dollars and help you avoid the exasperating problems and runaway costs that other practitioners experience when they build a new office.

We’re in the final stages of setting up the web page for the book and it will be available as an instant downloadable e-book on or before February 15. We’ll be offering a subscriber-only discount for a limited time, so watch your in-box for the announcement.

You also get a valuable F*R*E*E* bonus – Barbara’s Best 25 Floor Plans – with the book if you order by the deadline.

First Look – Mother Nature Meets High Tech


Here’s a first peek at the office of Todd Wylie, O.D. in Spokane, WA, a 5,550 square foot 2-story building for a one-doctor vision therapy practice. That’s not a misprint: one doctor, 5,550 square feet. This view shows the main area of the optical, which occupies most of the first floor.

For the whole story of how Dr. Wylie developed such a successful practice with 10 employees and zero associate O.D.’s you’ll have to wait for the article to be published. We’ll let you know when and where it will appear as soon as we know.

When I first spoke to Dr. Wylie he said that he wanted a “Northwest woodsy feel” in the design of the office but also wanted to emphasize patient education and the latest technology. You could call it “Mother Nature meets high tech.” We used a combination of natural greens and browns with rich cherry and maple wood tones.

This optical is a good example of how to merchandise for a wide range of income groups—something for everyone at a glance. Frame bars hold the lower-priced frames, cabinets with open glass shelves present mid-priced frames organized by brand name, and curved cherry cubicles show off high-end frames, one designer per cubicle.

New Name – Optometric Office Design Ideas

We’ve got a new name for our newsletter that better describes what you will be receiving every month: Optometric Office Design Ideas. You will be the first to see a new office the moment we photograph it. I’ll continue to give you my tips and opinions on all things related to office design.

If you like this newsletter, please feel free to forward it to colleagues who are likely to be interested in office design.