June 2, 2008

Tech. Stations Large and Small

One of the factors that helps a growing practice increase efficiency is having one or more technicians to do pre-testing and assist the doctor in many ways. Some ECP's describe their lead technician as the "quarterback" of the office who manages the movement of patients to create a smooth patient flow for the doctor.

Even a practice under 3,000 SF can benefit from having a small "tech station" where technicians can use a lensometer, do paper-work and keep an eye on the exam rooms. In larger offices a tech station is almost a necessity if you want maximum productivity for your techs. Give them a computer, a file drawer and any other equipment they need.

The placement of a tech station is critical. Techs need to see what is going on, who needs help, and who is ready to move in or out of an exam room. The need for these visual sight lines must be anticipated by the designer and created in the floor plan stage of the design. If a tech station has not been planned in from the start it's unlikely that you'll have space to add one later.

Get a Tax Break for Energy-Efficient New Facility or Equipment

Here's a tax tip for you gleaned from DHL's monthly newsletter:

Energy-related credits—Uncle Sam believes in energy efficiency and offers different types of tax credits to reward you. Whether you’re building a new facility or upgrading using energy-efficient components (e.g., Energy Star-rated appliances, solar panels, etc.), there are credits available to you. Look for these credits at the state level as well.

You can find the full article here: http://www.dhlsmallbusiness.com/200805-1.html

Be sure to ask your accountant about these credits if you are buying new equipment or building a new office this year.

Which brand would fill shoppers closets if money were no object?

The following is an excerpt from the June 2008 issue of VMSD magazine:

That's according to a survey by the Nielsen Co. more than 20,000 consumers in 48 countries voted the fashion leader, known for its desirable logo on handbags and accessories, as the most sought-after luxury brand Chanel and Calvin Klein tied for second.