August 2, 2006

New O.D. Wants to Start Practice

From Ask The Expert:

Q. I am a fairly new licensee ( 2 years ) from Boca Raton Florida. I am anxious to open up an exciting new practice. Only, I feel its so far away and overwhelming. I received some cards in the mail and ran into your info. I went to your website and see you offer design services. How would it work with you being located in Oregon?

Q. We work with OD’s like you all over the country. All we need is an accurate plan of your space to work from (often the landlord or building architect provides this for you). Photos of the space are helpful, too.

I really enjoy getting new OD’s off to a flying start with a creative design that will fit within the typical tight budget of a first practice. Opening your first practice can certainly seem like an overwhelming task. That’s why it’s important for you to select your designer carefully. A well-designed dispensary should practically sell the frames for you and you need someone who is experienced in optical design to do that.

You will find my Office Design Guide book very helpful. It gives you a great overview of all the factors you need to consider for your new office, plus 100 floor plans. You can order it here:

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