October 21, 2006

C.L. Training in a Small Office

Q. Just wondering, I am buying a 1002 sq. ft office and wondering if I should have a separate CL fitting room or incorporate it into my dispensary??? I will have two exam rooms with a pre-test room.

A. When you put two exam rooms into a 1002 sq. ft. office it is definitely a challenge to find space for a C.L. Fitting/Training Area.

From the patient's point of view, learning how to insert and remove contacts can feel awkward and uncomfortable. Doing this in the dispensary in view of other patients would only add to their discomfort. Therefore, I do not recommend it.

Here are several better possibilities for the location of your C.L. Training Area:
1. A nook or widened space in a hallway, away from the dispensary
2. A small table in one of the exam rooms

You don't need a separate room for C.L. Training, but you do need a place that is semi-private and away from the front office (Reception/Waiting/Dispensary) area.

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