February 2, 2007

Design Disaster: This Beauty is a Beast

Architects just don’t get it.

Look at this new office in Germany. It was featured in Interior Design magazine last month. This design firm made the whole place a monument to their nifty architectural ideas, but totally missed the boat on displaying the frames!

Those horribly outdated fluorescent back-lit displays are the way people displayed frames 25 years ago when I started in this business! It was bad then and it’s an even worse crime now! I can’t believe they didn’t use any halogen lighting for the frames, not even some measly track lighting!

I’ll bet that anyone who is reading this knows better than to use cheap ineffectual fluorescent back lighting for their frame displays.

The real travesty is that these guys spent all the client’s money on fun stuff like the way-cool eyeball in the ceiling, while doing absolutely nothing to help sell the merchandise!

What’s even worse is that the owner of this place must be getting a rotten return on his investment. He probably has no clue how much money he’s losing on this beautiful, but dysfunctional design.

If this is European optical design at its best, they are in big trouble over there. I must stop ranting now before my brain explodes!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow, are you sure this is not an ocularist's office? :)

You're a tough reviewer. I'd hate to hear what you would have to say about our office.

Just kidding, you really are a great designer, and have published an excellent book. I hope to have you design our office one of these days.