December 3, 2007

Design Blunders: Display Background Color

Optical design and theatrical design have much in common. Both have a stage (background)
upon which the star (merchandise) is presented. Both rely on strong lighting to bring the audience’s attention to the star.

To make your frames into star performers, show them on a white or very light-colored background with the best lighting you can afford. Frames displayed against a dark background or mirrored surface are not seen as well because the background absorbs the lighting. There is too little contrast between eyewear and background.

Light backgrounds make the light bounce and reflect off the delicate details and subtle colors of the frames. It’s easier to bring out the jewel-like qualities of the frames on a light background.

Fortunately this can be an easy problem to fix. If your frame backgrounds are dark, simply paint them white. If your frame backgrounds are mirrored have a contractor install white panels over most of the mirrors, leaving an adequate amount of try-on mirror space exposed.

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