March 17, 2009

1st Quarter News

Well, the first quarter of 2009 is nearly over
and I'm hearing good news from our clients.
January and February were tough months for
a few people, but lots of practices are doing
just fine.

One New York client's office was torn up with
major expansion and remodeling during those
months. They managed to work through it all
without closing for even one day.

His numbers were slightly ahead of last year
despite the construction. I can't wait to hear
how the practice does after a couple of full
months in the totally renovated facility.
Photos coming soon.

Another client in Louisiana was named
"2008 Business of the Year" by the Chamber
of Commerce. This new building is a modern
interpretation of the genteel Acadian style
unique to the region. Photos coming soon.

I have decided that we are not participating
in any economic downturn, slowdown or
recession. I hope you have decided the
same thing for your practice.

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