May 1, 2007

Effective Leadership = Higher Profits

An effective leader is the key to any successful team. In Get Everyone in Your Boat Rowing in the Same Direction leadership expert Bob Boylan teaches you how to push your team to its full potential.

If you asked your employees the question, "Who are we, anyway?", would they all know the answer? Would you get different answers or just a blank look? As a leader it's your job to communicate to employees:
1. What's important around here
2. Where we are headed
3. What we stand for

Boylan says when everybody knows and believes in these three things, you've got a group of people working toward the same goal. And that translates into higher productivity and more profits.

I love this book. It's a short and simple read with great ideas you can put into action in your practice right away. Maybe you're not a born leader, but you if you don't learn to lead your people, your practice will never reach its full potential.

Some wise man once said, "Your level of success in life depends on how well you can get things done through other people." This book will help you step it up a level or two. And what's more it's only $9.95 at Amazon -

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