May 6, 2008

Morganthal Frederics NYC

This well-known optical chain has stores sprinkled throughout the city in nearly every upscale neighborhood so going into the Columbus Circle Center was a natural fit for them. The large photo graphics let shoppers know what the store is about from a distance before they can even read the name. The storefront is fairly conventional, reminiscent of a fine French boutique with tall double doors propped open in a welcoming stance.

The showcases and woodwork are of dark wood with light-colored interiors and built-in halogen lighting. This store sells both sunglasses and Rx frames and their inventory is more extensive than what meets the eye. The opticians have a large bank of shallow drawers filled with frames. The service is very personal and professional. They really do their best to determine what you are looking for and to find just the right style to make you look fabulous.

In fact, when my husband and I went to inside to check out the interior, the optician deftly pulled out a few pairs of Chrome Hearts sunglasses. Next thing you know my husband was trying them on and we were all saying, "Wow, those look great on you!" It was all I could do to drag him out of there before we ended up spending $1,000 on those sunglasses! That optician was GOOD!

Seriously, though, this really is a beautiful store and I could tell that no expense was spared on the design. The cubicles are very similar to the ones I've been doing for years. I like the way that the brightest lighting is concentrated on the frames and everything else is like a stage setting for the merchandise. Imagine if just a corner of your dispensary had a look and feel similar to this store. You'd be selling more high-end frames than you ever thought possible.

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